Dispo Builder

Webshop inventory can be loaded as easily as creating a dispo. Webshop inventories can be created per market, client, or a general Webshop inventory for all.

Creating a Dispo and posting it to the Webshop Application

To create a Webshop Dispo go to the Availability Lists Page from your main application.

Home / Customers / Sales / Availability Lists: https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=Sales.Availability.List

Create an availability list, following the usual process of Creating a Dispo.

To post the inventory from the Dispo created make sure you follow these steps:

  • Set a price for every item. Items with price 0.00$ will not be posted in the Webshop application.

  • Identify the Dispo you created, typing the word WEBSHOP in the Name field.

Assigning a specific Dispo for a Webshop Customer

To assign a specific dispo for a Webshop Customer, go to:

Home / Customers / Customer Info / Manage Customers https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=Customers.List

Select the Billing Customer, by clicking on its name.

Clicking on the customer's name brings up the Customer form.

Select the tab API / PROVIDERS and write down the Dispo Name, which you would like to assign to the customer, and click on the Save Button to save changes.

Open the Availability Builder Page and create a Dispo, as described on the previous section of this page.

Identify the Dispo you created, typing the same words in the Webshop Dispo field as in the Manage Customers form.


In the webshop, the customer you selected will now visualize the Dispo assigned to it.

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