Users & Permissions

Create buyer accounts which are related to the customers in your main Unosof Application. Grant them access to your the Webshop,

Managing and viewing Webshop Users

To manage Webshop Users go to the Users Page from your main application.

Home / Links / Site Manager/Users:

This is the primary page for creating, editing, and viewing all users, including Webshop users.

Here you are able to search existing Users using various filters such as Warehouse, default home page, or status.

Clicking the search button will search based on the criteria provided.

It is possible to also search by any criteria, typing a keyword in the Search Bar.

Creating a New User

To create a new user for your customer, click the Add a New User button in the upper left corner of the page.

Clicking this button brings up the User Form.

This is where the information of a new User can be entered. Please note to complete the following fields as followed:

  • Default Work Area: Customer.

  • Customer: Select the Billing Customer from the user.

All information such as credit terms, credit limits, contact information, addresses, etc from your main Unosof application gets synchronized with the webshop.

  • Ship Customer: Select All Ship Customers or specific ones that the user is allowed to buy.

  • User API Key: Generate an ID for the new user by clicking on the Generate button.

Once all information has been entered, click on the Save button to save the Webshop User

Managing User Permissions

To manage Webshop Users' permissions go to the User Permissions Page from your main application.

Select the Webshop User and click on the Search Permissions in the upper right corner of the page.

Here, type the word ECOM in the Category Filter bar and set the permissions according to the user's profile. Once the permissions have been set, click on the Save User Permissions button.

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