Webshop Overview

Unosof Webshop is an online marketplace that your customers can access and buy directly from your inventory 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Check out what the Unosof Webshop offers you!

Key Features

Mobile-First Development Strategy

  • Our farm applications and the Unosof Webshop are developed with a mobile-first strategy. This ensures the work across all devices with zero loss of functionality and no need to download an app for each store.

Customized Themes

  • Design your Webshop using your company's color schemes to further extend your brand.

  • New themes can easily be created.

Single Sign-on through Gmail and Microsoft Outlook

  • Access the Webshop without needing to remember your username or password.

  • Single sign-on will also let the buyer access multiple Webshops without the need of re-signing on in each time.

  • We also maintain traditional login methods if so desired.

Easy to load and update Webshop Inventory via Dispo Builder

  • Webshop inventory can be loaded as easily as creating a Dispo in your main Unosof application.

  • Inventories can be created per market, client, or a general webshop inventory for all.

Web-Sockets for Live Inventory Updates

  • This technology allows multiple buyers to be on the Webshop simultaneously while having live inventory deduct across ALL pages whenever an item is added to the cart.

  • This feature prevents overselling: When buyer 1 adds an item to the cart, buyer 2's inventory automatically goes down.

Cart Timer

  • Guarantee your buyers the availability of the products when checking-out.

  • Our cart timer also prevent buyers from reserving product indefinitely

Custom Pack

  • Buyer can pick bunches from live inventory and create their own Mix Box (Version 2)

  • We offer just QBs, 4 bunches of 25 stems each.

  • Sold out items are automatically hidden.

Offer FOB Quito and FOB Miami Inventory

  • We will allow both FOB Quito and FOB Miami (Version 2) sales to be offered.

  • This can either be via a combined Webshop or separate inventories (depending on your structure)

Webshop Orders are Auto-created in Unosof

  • Webshop orders are directly inputted into your farm system in real-time without the need of an additional data entry.

  • Orders are also auto-confirmed and prioritized to make sure the clients receives what he ordered.

Works as a Client Portal for Invoices, Statements, and Buying Habits

  • Our Webshop's client portal functionality provides additional information to your clients such as recent invoices, statements, and buying habits.

  • Access to Webshop orders as well as Open Market and Standing Orders summary.

Credit Card Stripe Payment

  • Credit Card payments are possible via Stripe. This setting can be activated by customer.

  • Stripe securely validates you buyers credit card payments and performs the transaction on behalf of your company.

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